IFMM'10                International Forum on Micro Manufacturing 2010

Gifu, Japan            October 20-23, 2010
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> Nagaragawa Convention Center

The place of the forum is Nagaragawa Convention Center.

> Gifu city

Nagoya area stretches beyond the central city of Nagoya to other municipalities in Aichi Prefecture, as well as neighboring Gifu and Mie prefectures. This area is Japan's third most populous metropolitan and industrial area after the Greater Tokyo Area and Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto.

Gifu City is located in the center of Japan. Although Gifu City is located in the south-central portion of Gifu Prefecture and serves as the prefectural capital, it is blessed with an environment full of natural beauty; the Nagara River running through the center of the city has clear water, and Mt. Kinka is rich in greenery.

Gifu is easily accessible both domestically and for travellers coming from abroad. Gifu can be reached by train in 20 minutes from Nagoya, 1 hour from Central Japan International Airport (CENTRAIR), 2 hours from Tokyo, and 1 hour from Osaka.

Gifu City is well known as a historical city with UKAI (cormorant fishing) in the pristine Nagara River ?a tradition with some 1300 years of history. It is also famous for Gifu Castle, a central landmark in the history of 16 century daimyo general ODA Nobunaga.

Gifu City was also approved as an international convention city in 1988, and has continued to grow in popularity as an international convention and tourism city ever since.