こどもと一緒に楽しむ Fun with the kids
Use as a puppet and bookmarker
*空飛ぶどうぶつのストローパペット Straw puppet as Flying creatures
How to Make Bird Puppets from Plastic Straws
In other languages
Deutsch: Wie man Vogelpuppen aus Kunststoff Strohhalmen macht
How to Make a Transforming Flower from Plastic Straws
How to Make a Straw and Pompom Jack O' Lantern Puppet
How to Make a Decorative Snowman Straw
How to Make a Ribbon from a Plastic Straw
Learning through play
How to Make a Parachute With a Plastic Bag and a Straw
How to Make a "Missing Kissing" Puzzle from a Straw
*ストローで算数 Use Straws to math

*ストロー浮沈子 Cartesian diver from a plastic straw

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