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  2. Lance Link Signs Up!
  3. Champion of all causes apeish - Lance Link has been accepted into BeerMonsters International as member #007APE
  4. An extended and heatedly charged.meeting of the BeerMonsters executive today voted to accept the eccentric and charismatic animal into its ranks as #007APE. The decision has infuriated more conservative members who have already dubbed the hairy fellow "Banana Smoothy". However in an exclusive interview #001 told international media;
  5.     "We heartily (burp) embrace Lance Baby .. ha ha ha ... as a fellow of unimpeccable character. "Why I remember when the Central Storeman missplaced an entire pallette of Acapulko Squeezie, and the first on the scene to help locate it was Lance.
  6. "Within 3 ticks flat Lance (Smoothy) was gargling and rollicking after having found the goods hiding within the warehouse of our near neighbors - Crackers Inc!
  7. "We owe a lot to the Smoothy (Lance), and look forward to his attendance at tomorrows Brain Replacement Championships.
  8. BM Int. says "Three Beers for Lance"

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