This is the page of Beermonster #029 A LEGENDARY Monster. If you happen across #029 in the field please tell us what he is up to.

Last we heard from #029 was this;

             "Gone to Moe's"

      HOT NEWS
     #029 found living it up!!!
Thanks to the dedicated work of our fellow BeerMonsters we have been able to track the elusive #029 down to a loungeroom - maybe near YOU!!!

As can be seen from the photo below #029 is in good health and living it up a treat! Unfortunately despite the extensive investigations undertaken by BeerMonsters we have so far not been able to ascertian the continent of origin for the vision depicted,  but we are assured the vision is GENUINE!!!! This is the real #029.

For realvision of #029 CLICK HERE
 BeerMonsters International took the liberty of sending one dozen of the finest ales (from central stores) to the originating address for these images (on behalf of all BMonsters)  .. but unfortunately they were all returned marked NOT AT THIS ADDRESS. We can only assume immediate consuptiooooon oorrrvvv retttterned beeeeeerrrrrrrrrr rightyyyyyyy nowwwwwwwwwww was #029s' intention