Michael Aleph comes from phonetic expression of Alphabet, Mike Alpha, my initials, M. A.@ I used to answer the crash phone check in the morning in the office at Yokota AB and answered gloud and clearh with my initials every time when I was asked, gHow do you hear?  Answer with your initials.h

 I am a graduate, Public Affairs Officerfs Course 2-92, Defense Information School, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. A photo of my classmates and my graduate certificate is attached: it was 25 years ago.

I served Yokota Air Base for 25 years; I worked for 475 Air Base Wing Comptroller Squadron for 3 years and then moved to 475 ABW/PA. There was AF reorganization in 1992 and the wing became 374 Airlift Wing. I worked for 374 AW/PA until my retirement at the end of 2010.

Soon I will be 70 and nobody will remember me. But itfs all taken for granted. Donft worry. In 100 years later, no one will remember you as well. A person is important but may not be so much important as you might think. My wish is human beings exist as long as it could. This is the reason why I made this website.

Step by step I will translate my articles into English so that you can understand them.

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