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Perception of 'words' will change the world

 Perception of words will change the world


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Perception of words will change the world Series VII
Miracles, Misperception, Life and Future

What do you think if people in 2000 years ago could see the present world?
What would they say if Jesus Christ and the 12 Apostles, the people of those days were invited to the present world and given opportunities to see
the current state-of-the-art science and technology?

They would cry out “Impossible, Incredible.” It would be not a miracle for them, but something more than a miracle. They would be shocked and would scream, "Oh, My God!" and would pass out.

Perception of words will change the world Series I
Learning from the experience of Helen Keller

1. 'Words' is a tool to learn, to study, and to get information.
 'Words' is necessary to read books, to see information on the internet, on TV and to listen to news on the radio.

2. 'Words' is a tool to communicate, to know and to understand people. You can enjoy conversation with people by means of 'words'. Letters and emails need 'words'.
TV staff communicate with each other by 'words' and cooperate to develop a program.

3. 'Words' is a tool for thinking, for making programs.
When you think somethng, you use 'words' in the brains. When you plan something, you use 'words'. Ideas are made from using 'words' and by inspiration.

4. 'Words' is a tool for creation, and for imagination.
People write diaries and write novels by using 'words'. Your imagination can be expressed by words.

5. 'Words' is a tool to move people
Those who left great achievements in the past skillfully used 'words'. It had great influence over the people. There used to be a saying that "A pen is stronger than a sword". "The power of speech that appeals to the hearts of people is stronger than military force."

6.Source of trust, source of promise
Promises are made by words, which is source of trust..
Whether you can trust "words" depends on the person's personality.

7. To create personality, source of humanity
After a baby is born, parents educate their child by "words". During the time, human nature will also be conveyed. The r
ecognition of parents is conveyed to children through "words".
By reading a story of a great person, and when deeply moved by the person, the child will try to become such a person.

8. Words can convey your feelings by voice, inflection, expression.

9. Source of laughter

10. Works as deterrence

True Figure of God

「信じる」「信頼する」という  ことばの定義について


 According to NASA, there are two trillion galaxies in the universe.
The Milky Way, the galaxy to which the earth belongs, one of the two trillion galaxies, has more than 200 billion fixed stars. The sun, one of the 200 billion fixed stars, is in the center of the solar system, to which the earth belongs.
It’s easy to say the fact, but can you imagine this?

The idea that "the earth is the center of the universe and the mankind is in the center of the earth” is a human thought for thousands of years since the time of creation by the God of heaven and earth in the Bible, but the idea of the present days of human beings seems to be the same as in the old days.

You might say "Nobody thinks that the earth is the center of the universe." Yes, you are right. But it means everybody knows that the earth is not the center of the universe. Yes. It is true as a piece of information, or knowledge. But it doesn’t mean that the human race is aware of it. The human race still thinks that the human race is the center of the universe.

The book ‘Peception of words will change the world.’ Series IV (Translation is not complete.) will give answers to the following questions: Do we have human rights? What is the reason for saying yes? Why can you say there are no human rights?

The Earth is an infinitely small existence in the universe, and so is mankind. Perception of the reality is considered indispensable for the human race to continue to exist in the universe.

There is something to be aware of.

a. In the future the human race may encounter intellectual life forms with far beyond human capabilities. When encountered, the life form may seem like a great entity, God. But it is never an Almighty God, or the Absolute.

b. The human race may seem like God for weak life forms. From the current human race viewpoint, when we encounter the weak intellectual life forms, it may be possible for human beings to behave as God. But do not forget that the human race is equal to none before the Absolute.

It is not only for the human society on Earth to accept the idea but is considered basic and common for any intellectual life forms in the whole universe.
It seems necessary to avoid conflicts and to exist together.