Down Load of SilverWolf's model/ダウンロード



These 3D models are volumed by SilverWolf(Gin-no-Ookami). Since I am a hobby CG creator, the models are not precise construction. The files are wavefrontOBJ data and not include a surface texture. All copyrights of original contents are reserved by Silver wolf. Use non-commercial purpose only. Re-distribution is strictly prohibited.

I think it does not include PC viruses, but I do not have responsibility entirely about a trouble accompanying with its download.  If you loved my 3D models, please let me know via E-mail or on my bbs. But I am not good at English.

リスト/ List

1. 和物 Japanese item/ List

2. 鉄道もの railway vehicle / List

3. 船 ship / List

4. いくさ物 military/ List

5. その他 miscellaneous/ List


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