MERRY MIXER and PIONEERS came together and formed MERRY PIONEERS in February 1965.
Les & Tense Reider, former caller moved to the United States, and Mr. Sakai from Tokyo SDC became the Caller in September 1965.
 The beginner course is held every year, to try and increase the membership. Anniversary dance is held every year since then. We are going to celebrate 40th anniversary in Feb 2006.
There are about 100 members now. We dance for four hours every Saturday evening to have a good time..

44th Anniversary   (Feb,21, 2010 Zama Harmony Hall) .

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 43rd Anniversary  (Feb, 8,2009)
 42nd Anniversary  (Feb,11,2008)
 41st Anniversary  (Feb, 4, 2007)
 40th Anniversary
 39th Anniversary  (Feb, 26, 2005)
 38th Anniversary  (Feb, 22, 2004)
 Set phtograph collection   (14th 〜 39th Anniv.)

(Chiyosi HANAI)