Welcome to the Meifu Shinkage Ryu (MSR) web site!

Shuriken is a traditional weapon of Japanese martial arts.
In Japan, I have studied and taught Shuriken-jutsu over 25 years.
I want to introduce this art all over the world.
Please enjoy this site.

Thank you.

I had set up this web site in 1995.

There were few web sites they offered correct knowledges of Shuriken Jutsuin in English.
I think this web site was very rare in those days.
However, years has passed, the circumstances of MSR had changed.
Now we MSR obtained many of the branch and keikokai all over the world.
We became to be introduced in not only English but also various languages.

Then, I feel the role of this site has changed.
So, I introduce the branch and Keikokai (sub-branch) in each country as follows.
And I acquired the account of FACEBOOK, you can get latest information.

12nd April 2011.

Yasuyuki Otsuka.
Soke of Meifu-Shinkage ryu

The link table to every country in the world is here.
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