Navy special fuel oil M–100 for sale

ship bunker fuel

Product specification: GOST 10585–99 — navy special | bunker fuel

Production method:

    Fuel oil M–100 — the remainder after separation of crude oil or products of its secondary processing of gasoline, kerosene and gas oil fractions boiling up to 350–360 °C. Fuel oil M–100 is a mixture of hydrocarbons, petroleum resins, asphaltenes, carbenes, karboids and organic compounds containing metals.

Application: Fuel oil M–100 is used as fuel for steam boilers, boiler plants and industrial furnaces for the production of naval fuel oil ("bunker fuel"), heavy motor fuel and navy special fuel oil .

Viscosity at 80 °C, max.:
reference, degrees of RV
or kinematic, m2/s (cSt)

Not standardized
Not standardized
Viscosity at 100 °C, max.:
reference, degrees of RV
or kinematic, m2/s (cSt)

50.0?10–6 (50.0)
Ash, %, max., for Fuel Oil

Impurities, wt. %, max.1.0
Water, wt. %, max.1.0
Water Soluble Acids and AlkalinesAbsence
Sulfur, wt. %, max. for Fuel Oil:
Type V
Type VI
Type VII

Flash Point in Open Cup, °C, not lower than110
Pour Point, °C, not higher than
for Fuel Oil of highly paraffin crudes
Combustion Heat (lowest) calculated on dry fuel (non–reject value), kJ/kg, not lower than, for Fuel Oil: Types V, VI and VII39900
Density at 20 °C, kg/m3, maxNot standardized
Analysis to be required

Supply form: Liquid product is dark brown.

Packaging: Fuel oil M–100 is shipped in railway tank–cars and tank–trucks.

Transportation: Fuel oil M–100 is transported in railway tank-cars and tank–trucks.

Storage: Stored in metal containers under conditions in accordance with the storage of flammable substances.

Manufacturer/Distributor: PowerFuel Laboratories