Please do not download the films from webs; you could buy the DVD to support this great anime.


The petition for continuation of RANMA 1/2 's animation was ended on Feb 8, 2010. Please be informed that we got a total of 10739 signatures and I will send e-mails and  letters to relevant Japanese companies about our message to plea more Ranma 1/ 2 new animation. Thank you very much for your support and assistance.


Besides expressing my gratitude to all Ranma fans who signed the petition, I would like to note that profitable business definitely is very important for any companies. Therefore, there is no denying that buying Ranma1/2 dvd is the best way to support this animation. Please do not just watch free Ranma 1/2 films from webs. We can prove to the world Ranma 1/2 is still popular and is worth to have new anime series.


Finally, I am very sorry that I did not reply some e-mails from Ranma fans as my work always troubles me. I will try to reply them later. Thanks again for your kind understanding. I hope our Ranma dream will come true one day soon.

We All Love RANMA 1/2 Forever!!!


Lilian from Taiwan

Feb 11, 2010

Spanish version on YouTube

German Version

Thanks to Rumic World , Alejandro XRanmaJATBX and BtoCB from Mexico, Sebastian (Sebijk) from Germany., and Tomson from