#54 Space Ship Blue Typhoon

Story: Yoshimura Kiyoko
Art board: Mizuhara Masanori
Director: Hiroshima Hideki

Sonic------------Kanemaru Jun-ichi
Tails------------Hirohashi Ryo
Amy--------------Kawata Taeko
Knuckles---------Kanna Nobutoshi
Cream------------Aoki Sayaka
Cheese-----------(Hirohashi Ryo)
Eggman-----------Ootsuka Chikao
Rouge------------Ochiai Rumi
Chris------------Kobayashi Sanae
Decoe------------Yamaguchi Ken
Bocoe------------Shimada Bin
Bokkun-----------Kobayashi Yumiko
Cream mom--------(Aoki Sayaka)
Dark Oak---------
Metalex Spike----

The short sammary of 54

Chris was surprised to realise his body has gone back to 12 years old. Everyone felt happy reunion, but Sonic has broken down from overwork at that scene.
He was carried to Cream's house.
Cosmo told that the mechanical monster is Metalex, that they are attacking many planets. They want to conquer the universe with their power, and unite under an absolute order. Already, many planets were conquerd and lost Planet Egg (*PE). But she didn't know why they need PE.
Million and one planets ruined, and died out. A planet without PE lose the power of creating life.
So, Cosmo said that she came here to notify Sonic of this serious situation because he is the hero who can control the chaos emeralds.
Knuckles doubted her story, but then everyone there were dumfounded beyond speech because she told all her tribe had been killed by Metalex.

Tails thought Chris had completed the invention in only 6 months, so congratulated Chris. Chris said he became 18 in his world already 6 years passed.

Meanwhile, Rouge came to see knuckles checking the ME shrine and confirm they lost all Chaos emeralds .

Sonic have determined to go into space to gather scattered seven Chaos Emeralds to defeat Metalex, and take back PE. Tails said he has built the big ship "Typhoon" already.
He thought to convert the engine of the ship built as a multifunctional mobile fortress against Eggman's carrier or something for space use. Because the chaos emerald counted on as the ship's source of power was lost, so Chris suggested borrowing ME as alternative forms of power.
Knuckles got angry at them for bringing out ME without his permission. After all, he made common cause with Sonic. He is a only person who can control ME.
However, Dark Oak found their movement, and sent "Metalex Spike" to Earth. Metalex Spike landed near Tails's workhouse, then started attack.
Sonic and Knuckles responded with full might, meanwhile Tails and Chris got ready to the ship takeoff, Amy and Cosmo assiduously kept on bringing baggages.
After call to Knuckles for booting up the power of ME, Cream went back home to tell her mom she stays this night at Tails's house, and she came on board Typhoon.

In the engine room of Typhoon, Knuckles chanted that ancient spell to control the power of ME.
"The servers are the seven Chaos..."
The power of ME runs the main engine, then Tails let Sonic prepare for the main cannon.
The main cannon is called "Sonic Driver", by using the power of ME it catapulted Sonic spinning in high speed by the power of ring as a bullet. Sonic Driver defeated Metalex Spike at one blow, but Sonic got a shock from too much momentum moving of spin and the crush, so had a fainting spell.
Chris piloted hyper-tornado to head to unconscious Sonic almost falling into the sea. Sonic recalled the hand of Chris that rescued him from that pool.

They passed over the crisis, and Blue typhoon took off to space. When everyone gathered at the bridge of Typhoon, Sonic found a bugging device on his head.
Eggman wiretapped them, and was going to follow the track of them.
"Ho ho ho! I never rescue Sonic with nothing in return."
In the cockpit of Eggcrimson, Decoe, Bocoe, Bokkun, and Rouge were there.

ep54 end.

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