Who is LoveSchubert ?

Namecall me Yoshi
LanguageJapanese, English (have spent 4 years in London and San Diego)
Major Interest Recorder, Classical Music (mainly Baroque)
Arranging classical music for recorder groups
Tropical fish such as discus
Fermenting Yogurt
My biography about the recorder have played for >25 years
still at the intermediate level
practice once a week or less (no wonder there is little progress)
plays mainly Alto and other F-recorders
love Bach and other baroque music
sometimes play contemporary music just for fun (such as Serenata by Bonsor)
love slow movements more than fast and loud ones
Recorders I own
Soprano Moeck ebony
Takeyama maple
Yamaha plastic
Alto Takeyama/Hirao boxwood a=440
Yamaha transparent plastic
Zenon/Collins plastic
Mollenhauer (Breukink) dream alto fitted with modern alto's E-foot
Saito Denner a=415
Breuking Dream a=415
Hirao Bressan in G a=415
Saito Stanesby Sr. a=406, 415, 392
Voiceflute Whinray Stanesby Sr. a=415
Bass Kung knick cherrywood, very rich low tone
Other musical instruments I have an odd panflute-like wind instrument
traverso (bought at an auction; can hardly play it properly)
a strange ocarina-like wind instrument made of pottery
have intractable habbit of buying unplayable instruments
share the house witha classical pianist (unchanged for a long time).
music roomwhere musical friends gather
have home concert twice a year
arrange music for recorders usinga Sharp notebook computer
a music authoring program Finale 2003
a Canon bubblejet printer
Adobe Acrobat to generate pdf files
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