Skill in Recorder Playing edited by Loveschubert
Skills Grade
1 3 5
Fingering Can play all the notes without consulting fingering chart Can use some of the alternative fingerings. Can use from memory all the trill fingerings.
Can use alternative fingering and shading to adjust intonation during ensamble playing.
Speed of Tonguing
Play the music below by Qanz.
Use only tttt single tonguing.
Play as fast as you can, but play musically.
Can play but it takes more than 50 seconds. Can play in 40-49 seconds.
40-42 grade 4
43-46 grade 3
47-49 grade 2
Can play in less than 40 seconds
Recorder sizes Can play only one Can play SAT and B. Can sight play any of SATB with good dexterity.
Sight playing Makes mistakes when sight playing even easy tunes. Can sight play simple tunes even in allegro; but feel uneasy in jumps and arpeggios or syncopated rhythm or rests. Can sight play even fast tunes with complicated rhythm.
Scale C and A minor scale for 1 octave. Scale and arpeggio of F major for 2 octaves. Slow 1 octave scale in A flat major. Slow 1 octave chromatic scale starting in C.. Can play any scale at 132/min. Can play chromatic scale for 2 octaves at the same speed. Can play dimished seventh scale for 2 octaves.
Range of notes unstable when playing notes higher than upper g in sopurano and upper c in alto Can stably produce c and d in the third octave in soprano and f and g in the third octave in alto.
Fast phrases in this range is a problem.
Can play fast phrases using notes in the third octave.
Can use f#''' and a''' in alto.
Stability in ensemble Sometimes get lost when playing even easy tunes. Can stay in place when playing tunes with simple rhythm: sometimes get lost when playing syncopated rhythm or rests. Seldom get lost when playing music even with complicated rhythm; and when lost can get back quickly.
Intonation and listening Cannot hear other players. Can adjust intonation according to other players. Can judge if the ensemble is in tune. Can listen to others and adjust the intonation to match the perfect harmony. When playing ensemble, knows which player is out of tune.
Pieces Slow choral. J. S. Bach Contrapunctus 1 (any part), Handel's recorder sonatas (any of them), Pachelbel's canon (in F) F. Schubert 'the bee', Bach partita in c minor unaccompanied BWV 1013, Vivaldy recorder concerto in C, Teleman A minor suite, Kramer Introduction and Variations (at performance level).
Knowledge Do not know some expressions in the music. Cannot play music in F-clef. Can play music in F-clef. Understand play according to the expressions indicated in the music.
Not confident enough for the interpretation of the music and cannot confidently lead the ensemble.
Can explain inegal, hemiola and other ideas necessary in playing baroque music.
Can interprete the music and lead the ensemble.
Can play music in C and other clefs.
Ornamentation Cannot play trills. Can handle most trills; need fingering chart to play some difficult trills or mordents. Can play every trill, turn, mordent etc. in the required speed.
Can add original ornamentation in slow movements.
Breath control and phrasing. Cannot produce steady sound; cannot play forte or piano as required. Can produce steady long tones. Can play forte or piano, crescendo or decrescendo as required. Can use controled vibrato as necessary. Can control breath and articulation according to the needs of the music.

Extensively modified from Blaker/Berlin scale published in American Recorder.

If you think you can easily perform grade 1 but not 3, your grade is 2.
If you think you can easily perform grade 3 level but not 5, your grade is 4.
If you think you just make grade 3 but probably not higher, your grade is 3.

To rate the speed of your tonguing, play the music below by Quanz using only tttt single tonguing as fast as you can but musically.

Add all your grade for each of 12 items.
Your Skill Level is
Beginner: if your total grade is 12 or lower
Intermediate: 13-24 low intermediate, 25-41 middle intermediate, 42-53 high intermediate
Upper: 54-59@Advanced amateur, 60 performer@(close to professional as long as the skill is concerned)