Prologue オーストラリア最大であるとともに、1788年イギリス船の入港から開拓が始まった最も歴史の古い都市である。開拓が進み、1842年正式にシドニー市(当時のイギリス内相の名)が誕生した。現在も砂岩の建物が残っている。


Sydney is the biggest and longest established city in Australia, that was pioneered since English ship had arrived at this city in 1788. Sydney City was formed in 1842 formally. There are sandstone made old buildings even now.

Australia is a country of lowest population density, but there are many people in Sydney. Everyplace around the harbor and beach(Bondi and another beautiful beach) are crowded with people even weekday. Opera house built along the harbor is overall artistic facility. It was designed like a shellfish and became the Symbol of Sydney. Sydney and North Sydney are connected by the big harbor bridge. People can cross on the arch of bridge by walking.

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