Prologue 2年前に初めてオーストラリアを、そしてメルボルンを訪れて、人の大らかさと夢のような世界を感じた。以来、オーストラリアの魅力に惹かれ、2年間で5回目の渡豪である。



Part 0
Part I
When I had visited to Australia and Melbourne at first time two years ago, I had felt broad hearts of human and dreamy world. Since then, I have been absorbed in Australia and had gone 5 times to Australia in 2 years.

I had found new appeal of Melbourne in this time. I hope to live in Melbourne in future. Whenever going to Melbourne, my hope become strong.

P-san,A-san, thank you very much for dreamy days.

Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V