Prologue 1956年、オーストラリア初のオリンピックが開催された都市である。中心には高層ビルが立ち並び賑わいを見せるが、全体としてシドニーよりも落ちついた雰囲気である。


なお、MELBOURNのPart 0-Part lll までは2003年8月の旅の記録で、All Englishで記述してあります。

In 1956, the first Olympic Games in Australia was opened. There are high tall buildings and crowds in the middle of the city, but the whole of the city is more placid than Sydney.

A quarter area of Victoria is wild parks that have many original animals of Australia, for example, Koala, Wombat, Possum..... I was asked to go to the Warrandyte St. park in Melbourne. That's area is very wide as large as one of the city in Japan. When we walked only a part of the park, we found 4 Wild Koalas. Koala is untouchable. Melbourne city that we can see Koalas at the near park seemed fairyland for me. And beautiful color Lorikeets and Possums come to a garden of home. Oh, it's dreamy. I was convinced that Melbourne was one of the loveliest city in the world.

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