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London,UK June 2002

Big Ben, Westminster Palace

Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping? Brother Joe. Brother Joe. Morning bells are ringing, Morning bells are ringing, Ding ding dong, Ding ding dong. It sounds a little bit scary. All towers are inseparable from Ghosts.

Inside of the Gate

"Only yesterday I learned he was secretly planning to meet the woman in London and give me the gate."

Misty View of London

It is a foggy day in London. This is it. Now I have a gut feeling that I am in London. Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey, Saint Margaret's Church and foggy sky. This is the great World Heritage.

Scotland Yard

He is a very conscientious policeman. He is thinking and thinking day and night to develop a reputation from tourists as well as to maintain public peace. Because of this, he is very cooperative with our commemorative photo.

Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral

Millennium Bridge was built in the year of the new millennium by Norman Foster. This brilliant, glorious and neo-futuristic bridge was swung by hope of many people. It rolled so awfully that everybody could not walk on the bridge to the end. Excessive expectations is a kind of a perfect nuisance at moments.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s, with its world-famous Dome, is an iconic feature of the London skyline. We can see its beautiful dome from everywhere in London. To put it the other way around, St. Paul's Cathedral has been surveying the civilian life for a long time.

Trafalger Square and Big Ben

Piccadilly Circus

I tried to figure out why people try to climb on a statue. And all of a sudden it dawned on me that there is a statue there.

Local Public House, what is called "Pub"

'Relax,' said the pub man, We are programmed to receive. You can pay your bill any time you like, but you can never leave. Such a lovely place. Such a lovely face.

Dress street with flags, Red, White, Blue

St. George's Cross and Union Jack

"With all the world have war but with England do not jar." That was 2002, the World Cup year.

Charity Campaign, Statue of Cow at LIBERTY

The campaign was pervasive throughout the city of London. The stores and the private companies bought statues of cow and painted them as they like. This is the LIBERTY Cow. "You looks so nice. Are you happy to become the LIBERTY Cow?"

Neal's Yard Covent Garden

When you turn around the corner, you can find the Covent Garden. You will meet one lady waiting for you with a smile. It might be that the lady in black is a witch. She is developing a magic remedy for your hurt feeling. Lizard tails and anise roots. You would be better off visiting to cure your heart. She certainly welcomes you at any time. That must be her pleasure.

Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Golden Jubilee in 2002, having acceded to the throne in 1952. Celebrations were held all over the place in London. Her name, who is beloved from peoples, is Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, By the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her Other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

Hyde Park

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the British monarch. Originally known as Buckingham House, the building forming the core of today's palace was a large townhouse built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703 and acquired by King George III in 1762 as a private residence, known as "The Queen's House".

Mounted Policeman

"I am afraid I am quite neat today. My mustache is so luxuriant, isn't it?" He said on the saddle.

Change of the Guard

Marching, marching, marching, marching, marching, marching. Palace guards were marching. Nutcrackers were trooping.

Students in the Hyde Park

Richard, John, George, Paul, Robert, Harry, Thomas, Jack, James, Henry, Edward, William. I try to call his name, I wander which is his name. My heart is beating and beating. Tender green is so beautiful.

Charity Campaign, Statue of Cow at The Ritz-Carlton

This is the Ritz-Carlton Cow in deep blue. She has a golden bobber. She looks so proud. "Are you happy to become he Rites-Carlton Cow, mom?"

A Midsummer Night's Dream

It was June. I heard it was the best season in London. I felt myself quite refreshed and relaxed at the open-air theatre.

A man in white tights

"Are you famous William?" "No no! I am just a sixteen century man!" He appeared out of nowhere. The sixteen century man was standing on the Millennium Bridge. It must have been fruitful five hundred years for him.

Golden Jubilee

Dear Her Majesty: I would like to thank you for the hospitality extended to me during my visit to London. Yours Sincerely,

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