White Angel

This part for friendship of Audiofile in europa 2009

Mr AP Audio file Serbia

This counter started from 14th Dic 2009
Introdusing His Hand Made Audio Valve Amplifiers

if do you ask some question please ask Mr Pavlovic lampaca@gmail.com

EL84 pp Amplifier

Ei EL84 Push Pull Amplifier 10W rms Class A mode

Tango ISO FC30 300B single ended amplifier sirvia

Out Put is ISO Tango FC 30 3.5K 300B single ended amplifier

300B Single Ended Amplifier with XE-20S ISO Tango

Out Put Transformer are ISO Tango XE 20S 300B single ended amplifier

PHILIPS 4699 Push Pull Amplifier

Out Put is Motorola and PHILIPS 4699 Push Pull Amplifiers 15W rms Class A
Here is Philips 4699
Philips 4699 Data

VT4 Single Ended Amplifier KORATO

VT4C Single Ended Amplifier James Transformer KORATO
KORATO is from

His audio equipments in SERBIA

CDP is SONY. 2 TurnTable and Cartrige is almost Ortofon.next are pictures.


Dual golden



Main Speaker

RIAA Phono

New Amplifier All Tamura Transformer

top view of Amplifier

Tamura at all

300B Transfor couple Single Ended Amplifier

Speaker system 2010

New Speaker System for listeng room of Alex 2010

his sofa with speaker 2010

to go

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