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Vintage Audio Peru

Bien Venido a Vintage Audio y High End Audio en Peru


counter started 23rd Apr 2009

Vintege Audio Peru Repair Speaker ,old valve Amplifier, High End Amplifier

Doing sale Vintage Audio from A to Z from Peru. from low end audio to High End Audio in Peru.if do you intersting about these category please click next(for Mercado Libre Peru).
Mr Audio Peru

Photos Gallery about High End Audio

JBL 18 Woofer By Saenz

All Speaker system are made by Mr Audio on 2006. I'm repairing any Seaker system and an old amplifier, Western Electric Amplifier,and High End Amplifier.for repair ask to me. mail address is :Reparacion de los parlantes , Amplificador Antigua, Vintage Audio.fabricacion de la caja.

Vintage Audio Peru

weatern electric

WE co elefante

EleFante Western Electric CO

Picture's Gallery Mr Audio Peru all of Western Electric Push botton to see picture

:When I was Young with Altec Lansing with Western Electric MIRROPHONIC
: Horn Speaker : Horn Sperker
Box for JBL Made by Mr Audio : Western Amplifier with Horn
Mr Audio in the horn

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High End Equipments and Western Elecric Equipments all about sound

:Altec Lansing Cinema Amplifier WECO 23A
:IPC_1026_6L6Amplifier : Mizushima 300B VS Moon Amplifier
WECO CINEMA Speaker : Western Amplifier TA-1086_300B
WECO 300B 43A 1930 Amplifier
WECO 46C 205D Amplifier : Western Amplifier 91A 300B Amplifier


Crown Electrostatic

2009 en Peru

Mis Equipos En Peru

Mizushima amplifier 300B

Mizushima 300B Single Ended Amplifier on 2004

Tango FE-12S 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier

Mizushima 2A3 Single Ended Amplifier with Tango FE-12S

300B foto

Western Electric History from USA

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