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+ 2005/12/17 +
M i y a z a k i U n i v e r s i t y " r a b b i t h u n t i n g c l u b " , followup

Their advertising copy was "outdoor circle filled with hippie tastes and cheerful".
Six people of the medical department students who went to the University ran over and killed a rabbit by car and dissected the corpse and published a photograph in their Blog. This news was conveyed all over Japan on December 12. The six people are commanded to do confinement to the house at home from November 10.
"It mere joke" that they said.
They killed a rabbit in September. However, a homepage's bulletin board of this circle is made on July 9.
Content written on a bulletin board is as follows.

'a word from a director'
contributor : ICTETTU
contribution day : July 9 (Saturday) 06:28:44
"Congratulations on homepage establishment of a rabbit circle. We continued this activity steadily for many years. And we are to announce our activity idea and passion at last in a public seat. You, we are fired up and hunt a rabbit!"

'for the present'
contributor : KODAMA
contribution day : July 9 (Saturday) 07:16:7
"Will you purchase even a trap?

'A rabbit hunting circle, I was assigned to the job of Chairperson of General Staff Office'
contributor : CEFIRO
contribution day : July 9 (Saturday) 15:49:14
"Capture by a trap. Missile attack. Torpedo attack. In addition, there are various attack options such as bombing. But let's try shooting down in a firearm at once."

contributor : ODOGIRI JOE
contribution day : July 22 (Friday) 01:10:49
"I developed useless killing with FUKUI and KODAMA and TAKAHASHI and KIN and MAKI who were a member of rabbit hunting circle today. We killed a lot of fish and shellfishs and crabs. I felt that our life was supported on life of a creature heartily. After all a human being is the living thing which is the strongest on the earth.
When they killed a creature, their face shined. When I watched their face which shined, I felt like having watched human psychology."

'No, not at all'
contributor : PREMACY-
contribution day : July 22 (Friday) 14:25:24
"I made their grave quietly and gave a feeling of my thanks and my tear. (T_T) Thank you, a porcupine fish."

contributor : BUNNY
contribution day : July 31 (Sunday) 02:45:49
"Hi! Hello. I heard that the circle which hunted me was established. I usually cannot readily say, but a weak point of me (bunny) is an*l. It is so an*l!
Please insert your stout thing in me.
Please insert it forcefully.
Then I wait for what is hunted by you heartily.

(This page is cache stored in Google.

I grieve over lowness of a Japanese medical level. I grieve over there being the medical college where they pass.
Will they reform themselves?
I do not want to take a medical treatment by them.

+ 2005/12/14 +
■PETA Names Paris Hilton Worst-Dressed■
先日、ワースト飼い主に選ばれたParis Hiltonが、今回はワーストドレッサーに選ばれました。


+ 2005/12/14 +

For six students who belonged to Miyazaki University "rabbit hunting club", last disposal was decided.

Two ringleaders: Suspension from school
(A period: From November 10, 2005 to March 31, 2007) (Staying two years or longer in the same class for two years)
Four other: : Suspension from school
(A period: From November 10, 2005 to March 31, 2006) (Staying one year or longer in the same class for two years)

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There are many people feeling fear about that they become a doctor in the future.

+ 2005/12/12 +

Miyazaki University (Japan) medical department students run over and kill a rabbit by car and dissect a corpse afterwards. The six students took the state to a photograph minutely and carried it in their Blog.
As a result, they became an object of severe punishment from a University.
The students called oneself "rabbit hunting club". The students who were the ringleader said. "This is a joke"
The medical person concerned who read the article said. "If they become a doctor, they will do terrible failure sometime. I had a sense of impending crisis"
The club was formed in July, 2005, and the initial member was ten people.
"Though they were the people who became a doctor in the future, they did an extremely careless action" the person concerned with university said.
The last disposal from a university is sentenced to for them on 14th.
In the present, comment for this case is not written in a homepage of a university at all.

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