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The Rolling Stones
2006年3月30日 木曜日 午後5時10分←■いや、マジ、ほんと、びっくりするぐらい多くの人からメールなどで、「早く『共犯新聞』のストーンズ札幌レポ、読みたい!」と期待される(笑)。今夜、UP!
I Got Stoned.
The Rolling Stones
Sapporo Dome, Sapporo, Japan
Wednesday, March 29, 2006

< The set list >

Jumping Jack Flash
It's Only Rock'n Roll
Let's Spend The Night Together
Oh No Not You Again
Rain Fall Down
Midnight Rambler
Tumbling Dice
--- Introductions
This Place Is Empty (Keith)
Happy (Keith)
Miss You (to B-stage)
Rough Justice
Start Me Up
Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
Sympathy For The Devil
Paint It Black
Brown Sugar
You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore)
Satisfaction (encore)

Warmup band : 7:00pm - 7:25pm
Rolling Stones : 8:15pm - 10:10pm
★Just 44 age !

< The miracle ahead of 3m >
Review by Motohiro Kubo, Numata-chou, Hokkaido, Japan

Who was able to believe The Rolling Stones come to Hokkaido?
I was born in 1962. So it was the first rolling year. And my first stoned year was 1974 with happy LP"It's Only Rock'n Roll ".
But that year was very unhappy year for Japanese Stones fun.
Because the previous year's discontinuance of visit to Japan made Japanese fun to deep disappointed.
After all, our Japanese fun was thinking Stones can't visit Japan.
And Japanese made so many like a Stones band. And we spent the night together with imitation Stones band in the small live house.
Therefore, in 1988's Mick's first solo live in Tokyo and in 1990's real Stones's first Tokyo live make Japanese fun so many happy!

So I thought The great Rolling Stones completed a dream in Japan. But Stone dream is not stop!!!
They came to Sapporo of Hokkaido! Oh yeah! Someone said Hokkaido is only dull pop song country. And me too.
In fact the sales of this time's Stones ticket had not improved easily. At last bad dream coming. Tower Records distributed the ticket free of charge.
That bad news made me bad feeling. And my hight tension turned to cool down.

But it's only The Rolling Stones show! And I love it!

In the Sapporo dome there were 30,000 spectators. If it was full, 45,000 people planned to enter. But it is OK. 30,000 spectators get stoned!

JJF! Oh Charlie's drum is so heavy! I think his drumming style is changing.
A light drum might been greatly changed into a profound and heavy performance style.
If there is this time's new Charlie, Led Zeppelin can form again! Did an influence of new black bassist change his style?
When I listened to "Like A Rolling Stone" in live CD"Stripped", his change was noticed for the first time.
And, Charlie's change made the band the one that overflowed in the speed feeling. This had a good influence on the jump tunes of the first half of live.
On "Bitch" the horn section and heavy drums made a great chemical reaction!
The loudest and sharpest one note tune guitar of December's Children has flown out while narrow heavy drums and jungle horns.
There was a scene where the song of Mick doesn't catch up because it was too fast.
And new style heavy "Midnight Rambler" made me deep rambling!
But only one regrettable for me is lost sexy from "Tumbling Dice". I think that "Tumbling Dice" is more fit with not heavy Charlie's drums.

Of course, Keith is Keith. Especially, at that night his acoustic guitar had expanded a wonderful sound. Therefore, "This Place Is Empty" is good choice.
And "Happy"! The timing of his cutting was the same as the groove that had been already prepared internally of us.
How many degrees of the noise on the record before the needle was dropped to that record, and Keith came out to my room!
The guitar cutting from Keith's "Happy" had already been recorded in me.

Oh, and a definite moment came at last. My seat was just front of B-side stage. Someone was going to fit with B-stage.
At first I didn't know what they did. But I didn't need few time, my body run and jump to fit of B-stage!
Of course, I know this behave is too dangerous for making bad confusion.
Especially, the spectator was thrown down in the concert in Hokkaido when I was a high school student, and there was a fatal accident.
That was the concert of The Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow in 1978. One college woman died. I can't forget it.
And all Hokkaido rock fun too. Therefore, the fan that surged to this B-stage also observed the civilities.
Chosen March's children of 100 people or less was able to see Mick and Keith at ahead of 3m. It is not 30m, but 3m! It was just like a peaceful Altamont!
Now I remember it, oh, but I can't believe it still.
Time when Keith dropped its waist and he had begun to play open G was a peak of my excitement. It is "Honky Tonk Women" from me ahead of 3m!
Stones came to Japan. Stones came to Hokkaido. At last The Rolling Stones came to me ahead 3m!!!
When I stood ahead of 3m from real Stones, I remember my younger days of the let's spent the night together with imitation Stones band in the small live house.
Dance with Keith, jump with Charlie, trip with Ronnie, and shout with Mr.Mick Jagger!
This place is not my boyhood room with the records of Stones. This is real. This is Stone's free spirit. Thanks to Stone people!

Bobby Keys's "Brown Sugar" is comeback to my head and body. How many lovers jumped to bed after the needle was dropped to "Sticky Fingers"?

I was to have experienced an innumerable miracle this night. Another miracle was when over 1 and half hour Mick has become more energetic though he was.

My friend said that in the Tokyo dome, Ronnie seemed to have been no vigour, but in Sapporo he was in top condition.
He played the surely youngest Stone role.

When live was over, I don't understand the reason why the ticket doesn't sell.
A wonderful concert where even revenge on the people who had not bought a ticket was forgotten.
It was snowing outside the Sapporo dome. Stones was able to see cherry blossoms and the snow in Japan.
And I was able to see miracle ahead of 3m.

★It's Only Rock'n Roll ♪『イッツ・オンリー・ロックンロール』





差出人 : Emily
送信日時 : 2006年3月31日 12:31Pm
宛先 : 久保AB-ST元宏
件名 : You got Stoned!!!!

Wow! What a great review!!!! I love the way you think!
I am glad the Stones were energetic and played well.
When I saw them in 1988, it was a little boring. People called it the Steel Wheelchair Tour!!
You know, Shibuya sensei called me that afternoon offering one of the free tickets.
But I was already doing my home thing, so I declined. Maybe I am stupid?!
Have a wonderful night! When will we see you again?! Em

Oh, and...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Big 44!! May this day and all your days be filled with laughter, music, positive vibrations, good friends and loving family!!!!!

Love Em and Jeff

2006年3月29日(水曜日) 11Pm

映画SHINE A LIGHT予告編、公開中!

ドキュメンタリー映画『Shine a Light』の予告編、只今大公開中!


監督は『ラスト・ワルツ』、『ボブ・ディラン ノー・ディレクション・ホーム』など

やっぱ、映画館で観たい♪SHINE A LIGHT』予告編

Hey, キングたちとの共犯!
Happy Birthday
♪クリックして、見よっ!Bill Wyman !


In the second half part of the stage came out into the crowd (with them on it) as they played a few numbers including Miss You and Start Me Up.