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This is My E-mail to Musician of The Belgian National Opera.
in 14/August/2001
It is about my Poem of New York travels.


Dear my new friend.
My name is Motohiro-Kubo. And I am "Mr.". Ha,Ha,...
I was born in Japan 1962. And I am living in Hokkaido Japan.
I have a my Home Page. Please see it.
But I'm sorry that use so many Japanease and a little English.
Please write your message on bbs of my home page.
Of course you can use English.


>From: "korneel le compte" <klc@belgacom.net>
>To: moto_kubo@hotmail.com
>Subject: NY
>Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 11:24:27 +0200
>Dear Mrs or Mr moto_kubo,
>last month i went to New York for my work. I am principal double bass of the
>Belgian National Opera, and we played some shows at the Lincoln Center.

I went to New York for only sightseeing on this year's May to June.
I went to the Lincoln Center for see the New York City Ballet at May 29 2001.
And I like listening to music, including Opera!
In 1996 I went to Opera Bastille at Paris. I watched "Billy Budd" by Benjamin Britten.
The orchestra's performance was wonderful.
I was deeply moved by that a performance and production.
That's production and stage setting are very modern.
The tune added much to the production.

And I like classical music.
This Year I went to a concert of Mr. Mischa Maisky. He played Bach solo by violoncello.

I want know your music style.
And if you released your music CD, please teach your CD's title.

>On a visit to St. Johns Cathedral, i saw the poets' corner, where i read
>many nice poems. There was also one japanese poem that you wrote, and i was
>curious to know what it meant. I don't read japanese (yet). Do you have a
>translation of your poem ?
>best wishes

I think you have an appreciation of poetry.
I am feelig embarrassed. But I am glad at got your E-mail.

My poem's title is "The Lost Hyacinth".
The fact is this poem has melody. I composed it in 1983 Tokyo.
Key is "C". C/Dm/C/G/GF#F/CAm/Dm/G AmEm/AmEm/D/G/FE/CAm/FG/C

I will try translate a my poem into English.
Please read my poor translation.
And please give me your impressions of my poor poem.

"The Lost Hyacinth"
by Motohiro Kubo

You and me are reflected in the windows broke into pieces.
We have been standing in latitude 38 north.
We are covered with blood.
We are trembling in ruins.

I learned the balance of hate each other.
And I lost the courage of believe someone.
And now I meet you as leaning against the cold wall.

Machinegun guard us,
and our dream at a desert is the lost hyacinth at unknown valley.

I can see a little girl who going up the wire netting of the U.S.A. armed forces camp.
She is a very very little girl, and her cardigan catch in the wire netting.

A map of the world is colored by only two color.
And me and you are colored by a different color.
The love song from a faraway foreign country can't reach your ear.

A poet who loved for writing poem will forget poem in front of you.
If you stand by me, I will surely find the lost hyacinth someday.

the lost hyacinth , the lost hyacinth , the lost hyacinth , the lost hyacinth ...

件名 :坂田@カナダ在住からの、アドヴァイス
Re: 英訳『失われたヒヤシンス』〜又は、インターネットの不思議。

日付 :
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 23:58:30 -0700

  ■□ 昔から久保くんのやりかけ仕事を片づけていたサカタともです

// "Kubo Motohiro"-san wrote (on 08/14) //
> ベルギー王立オペラ楽団のビオラ奏者からEメール。この人は、ニュー
> ヨークのリンカーン・センターに公演に来たついでに寄った教会で私の
> 詩を読んだらしい。その詩を書いた前後は、私のHP内「我がニューヨー
> ク旅行記 2001」にくわしい・が。
> で、そのオペラ屋さんが、私の詩の「英訳」を読みたいのだそうで、
> 下記のように、ヘタクソながら訳した。
> 英語の得意なミナサマに、チェックしていただきたく、こうしてペンを
> とったしだいです。どうですか?通じていますか?


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

> "The Lost Hyacinth"
> by Motohiro Kubo

(砕け散る夜のガラスの ひとつひとつに映る君と僕
血だらけで立ってる 38 度線 瓦礫の中で震えてる)
C Dm
There you see, reflections of you and me
in every little broken window glass, in the dark
F C Am
Here we stand right on the bloody 38th Parallel (*1)
Dm G
Can't stop shivering in the rubble

(憎み合うバランス覚え 信じる勇気を失って
冷たい壁にもたれながら 今君に出会った)
You know we fell into the balance of hostility
while losing the courage to believe anything
I lay on my back on the cold concrete wall
Oh what can I say, I finally got to see you here (*2)

(マシンガンに守られて 砂漠で見る夢は
知らない谷間に咲いている 失われたヒヤシンス)
Am Em
What kind of dream will I have
Am Em
in the desert, guarded by machine guns
Oh you never know, you never know (*3)
F E Am F
I think I know it is the long lost hyacinth
in the far valley that I've never seen

とても小さな女の子で カーディガンが金網に絡む)
I see a girl climbing up the wire wall
trying to get over the US. army camp wall
It's so hard, oh No, she's still just so little
Her cardigan gets tangled in the wire

(世界地図は二色に塗り分けられ 君と僕は違う色に塗られる
遠い異国から聞こえるラブソングも 君の耳には届かない)
You see, the map of the world was colored into two
And you and I were painted with the opposite colors
That pretty love song from the far, foreign contry
can not ever reach your ear

(詩を書くために恋する詩人も 君の前では詩を忘れるだろう
君とだったら失われたヒヤシンスも きっといつか見つかるさ)
Even a poet who falls in love so he can write his poem
wouldn't be able to think of a word in front of you
I think I know I can find the long lost hyacinth
If you are with me, someday, if you are gonna be with me

(*3) どうしても詞が足りないので「ああそれは君には分からないだろう」と
しいです。「the long lost hyacinth in the far valley that I've
never seen」という英語が、どれだけ原文と同じインパクトを持ってい
構成し、ギターを持ってビオラ奏者さんにネット越し(MP3 やその他の
歌ってください。聞かせどころは F/E/Am/F の部分。


 │サカタ │

I read your other translated poem. I like yours better.
It's more poetic! I think you should use your own translation.
You are such an interesting person Mr. Kubo. There are so many things about you that I don't know... very colourful person!!!
See you on the 28th, but no beer for me!! Ha ha ha


日付 :
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 08:21:57

Dear Mr. korneel lecompte.
I'm Motohiro Kubo from Hokkaido Japan.


> it's been a long time since i got your mail.

I think that day of your first E-mail is in 14/August/2001.
And that was about my Poem of New York travels.
New York had so bad day while I was waiting your E-mail.
It was the worst accident in the past several years.
I was really worried about you.

But that's merely my imagination.
Your accident are only some computer trouble and lots of work.

And now , I got 2nd E-mail of Musician of The Belgian National Opera.

And I want tell you that is the anothe translation of that my poem.
My Canadian friend tried that translation.

See below.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"The Lost Hyacinth"
by Motohiro Kubo


>I saw your home page, very nice.

Thank you.
Please write your essay about on any subject you like in Guest book of my home page.

> My favorite music, besides classical, would be in the blues and rock style.
> I love Jethro Tull very much, i saw them many times live and i have all their records.
>They are just incredible.

Oh, yes. My New York friend who live in Hawaii loves "Jethro Tull" too.
I don't have their CD.
My friend recommend is "Thick as brick" and "Aqualung" in 1973.
Ok I will get that.

>I also like the blues guys like Clapton, Robert Cray (really great), some french rock is quite good as well.

Oh, me too.
Do you know "The Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus" in 1968?
Jethro Tull and E-Clapton joined that live.

Did you went New York's Clapton live of this year?
My brother-in-law went that live.

I went Bo-Diddley live at BB king blues club & Grill in New York at May 31,2001.

Of course I like Clapton too. I have so many records, that are The Yardbirds ,
John Mayall , Cream , Derek & Dominos..........
And I have Robert Cray's CD. I fell really great too!
And some french rock's CDs. Now I read the book of Gainsbourg.

> From your translated poem i can guess how beautiful it is in japanese.

Do you have Japanese friend?
If you have him , he can good translation of that my poem than me.

> I wish to learn your language one day.
>My wife is Chinese so i speak and write a little chinese, but japanese is very different.

Oh yes. Japanese is very difficult for me. Ha,Ha,Ha!
My home page use Japanese. I want learn and use your language.

If all people want learn each other culture , there are no War.

And I want listen your music.

Best wishes from Motohiro.

This is My E-mail to Canada's woman.
in 13/June/2001
It is about my New York travels.

Hi, my girl!
This is Motohiro-Kubo.
I haven't seen your for a long time.
But I can't get your E-mail out of my mind.
It is just like a poem! I like your poem.
I feel it is beautiful lyric with deep consideration. You are prudent girl.
And I am imprudent dude. Ha,ha,ha!

I sometimes write poems.
I'm glad that I got a friend who has same hobby.

>Hello there big city dude;

I'm sorry , Now I'm just Numata's old man.
I returned home after a long sbsence.

>Are you enjoying the travels? I am hoping it is a great experience for you.

I wrote my "New York Travels". I want you to read that.
That is carring in My Home Page.


But it is in Japanese.
Please aske Miss Hiroko-Sakai to read My New York essay.

There are a lot of sights to see in New York.
Of course I went to The Statue of Liberty, and the United Nations.
But I think that my best experience is meeting of so many kind of charming men.

For example,
Mr old hippie in China town who looks like Mr. Neil Young.
He taught me wonderful Chinese foods.

Mr German MSF doctor in Harlem who lives in Colombia.
We talked about the problem of Civil war of Colombia for hours.

Mr African flea market in Chelsea who came from Morocco.
He know wonder Morocco's musical instruments.

Mr the manager of the high class hotel who looks like Mr. Mastroyannni.
His service is equal of rich men and me.

>Maybe you could find the differences between Canadians and Americans?

But New York is special town.
It is not America. I think it is just New York.

My friend who lives in Vancouver said Canada is more freedom than USA.
I think too.
And so we need good tension, sometime. New York has it.

>I know in my heart any people from small towns anywhere in the world are
>different from people from big cities. Yet we all have the capacity to be
>gentle and caring human beings. All the original religions of the world in
>their pure form encourage us to be gentle and caring.

I went to Colombia university. I invaded the underground of a church.
There were meeting area of Mr Bob Dylan and Beat poets in 1960's.
That time , there area has secret Alcoholism meeting.
City has city's tenderness.

>When I travel I like to see how the people live and work. I enjoy the views
>of nature and am most moved by the animals and plants. I suspect I am not
>the average tourist in this as I end up making friends wherever I go.

Me too!

>Is New York a friendly place? Are the people happy in their daily life?

It is each of people theme.
Only I say It's theme has effect of the economy.
Today's New York's business is brisk. It's meen a friendly and happy place.

Vancouver has so many beggars of native Canadian.
I think they can't fit their home town.
Happiness has complicated circumstances.

And I went American Nature National Museum.
We can see Kwakiutl art in there. I like that.
We can compare another Native Canadian art. It is very interesting.

>I am wishing you all the peace and enjoyment of the gypsy's.

So I wanna be an internationale gypsy!

friend Motohiro-KUBO

差出人 :
"Loretta Orrey" <lorrey@island.net>

宛先 :
"Motohiro Kubo" <moto_kubo@hotmail.com>

件名 :
from Loretta

日付 :
Sat, 27 Oct 2001 17:34:22 -0500

Dear Kubo;

I was in the city of Edmonton when the WTC blew up...it was a fearful thing to be so far from home and know it may be the beginning of World War Three.

It is so sad.
My heart goes out to those families. My friend was most upset and spent two days trying hard to reach her friends in New York.

I was in Saint Martin, an island in the Caribbean, when Chernobyl blew up. Too far away to get back home if it would have gotten worse.

We are going to Mazatlan again in November...I sure hope nothing happens while we are in Mexico.

There is much good to maybe come from this. Let us hope that the country of Afganistan becomes free and Democratic from this.

I do not condone war of any kind.

All the best to you and yours.......Loretta