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Moon Whistle; MCMXCIX (C) Sasuke Kannazuki (37,676 bytes)
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At First

This page contains some audio files arranged from "Moon Whistle," a series of free Japanese role-playing game (Windows OS only). If you do not know and/or get interested in it, see external links below. You may download the game and enjoy lots of great scenario and original tunes !

All original MIDI tunes are composed by Saia HYOUSEKI (氷石彩亜), not me. Please do NOT upload these audio files on other websites without permissions or relink them to directly, but the introductions of this page are welcome !

Sasuke KANNAZUKI (神無月サスケ), moonwhistle.org, holds the copyrights on "Moon Whistle," "Another Moon Whistle," and "Moon Whistle XP."

Tunes from MW95

The tunes below were sequenced using "Band Brothers," a music composing tool for Nintendo DS.

The tune below was sequenced using "Pxtone Collage," a sound tracker tool for Windows OS.

The tune below was sequenced using "T'SoundSystem Clipboard Player," a 'chiptune-like' composing tool for Windows OS.

Tunes from AMW

The tune below was sequenced using "Band Brothers."

Tunes from MWXP

The tune below was sequenced using "T'SoundSystem Clipboard Player."

In addition, I've tried to write words for this song to let "Hatsune Miku" sing them !
("VOCALOID 2 - Hatsune Miku" is a vocalization software featuring a virtual singer. It became so popular among users of a Japanese video-sharing website in 2007.)
* The lyrics are written in Japanese.

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