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. Major Mods for Blitzkrieg         Download links for most of the "major" mods originally released on the Portal
  Contents on this page were re-arranged in order of the title base on [BKP]'s list.   Let's thank for [BKP].

Information : [BKP] put All Units Mod on Blitzkrieg Unit Packs.

Armees Fantomes Mod 3.0 by MaxHell et al   and Armees Fantomes Mod v 2.0
Balkanfeldzug Mod by Stahlsohle
Close Combat Mod 2 (CCM 1.28) - Full Version by Hellcat and Stahlsohle
CS Brigade 1.2 by Sepp, Yoky, Gerhard
CS Brigade 1.3 by Dawe et al
CSLA 1.1 Roll-up Release by Ice bear / Soviet Man
DAK Mod Demonstration v1.1 by Aleksej fon Grozni
East Africa Mod R5 by Leon   and East Africa R6
Heimatfront Mod 1.02 by Stahlsohle, mr.frost72, DTF, Hellcat
Kosovo Sunrise Demonstration by Aleksej fon Grozni
Nuts Mod by Aleksej fon Grozni
Operation Hagelsturm by Kummel et al
Operation Hagelsturm Base Mod Roll-up Release by mr.frost72
Panzerwaffen Mod by Kun@ and Lukoss
Road to Victory 1.3b by Road to Victory Team  and Road to Victory 1.3a, R2V Realism 1.1, 1.2
ROK 1950 Roll-up Release by CorpBob / BKPortal Mod Team
Shtrafbat (English Version) by Leha-1979 and Vetal
Solvang's Random Map Mod Part I by BOFH
Solvang's Random Map Mod Part II by BOFH
Solvang's Random Map Mod Part III by BOFH
Spanish Civil War 2.0 Roll-up Release by Corpbob
V3 Base Mimoyecques by Dawe
for Japanese is a memo for Japanese.