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Panzerkrieg English language pak

PK English pak project member :
Quintaxel, Cal, Xenoglossy
and   Boltz.  (Blitzkrieg Map Shop)

    The patch relevant to Pantherkrieg from Corpbob was contributed. That article is placed under this page.

This is a page about an English language pak for Panzerkrieg.

Panzerkrieg English version is no longer available for purchase. Panzerkrieg which can be obtained now will be the Russian version or German version. Although it seems that the English language version was released from La Plata Studio several years ago, it is difficult for us to acquire it now.

We offer an unofficial Panzerkrieg English language pak here. This was made by long-term work of the PK English pak project by the following members.    Translator : Quintaxel, Cal, Xenoglossy and Boltz (as coordinator).
Thanks Umarth, he cooperated in our project as a troubleshooter.

Although La Plata Studio has the copyright on Panzerkrieg, please be aware that the translators have a right to their own unofficial English translation.
This English language pak is offered only for your own private enjoyment.
Please do not post this on other sites without translator's permission.
  (Though at least one site has already obtained permission.)

The translation pak is offered "as is" and translators do not take any outside responsibility to fix any errors or mistranslations that may exist.
No responsibility is taken by the makers of this pak for how it is used by others.
This site ( Blitzkrieg Map Shop) takes responsibility for the technical issues of the English language pak.
If this English language pak has a problem, please contact me by this.   ----> Contact form

 A title screen is displayed in English.
 Objective texts are displayed in English.
unit name
 If pk_english_local.pak is installed,
the unit name will be displayed in English.
Screen shot of USSR campaign
 Screen shot of the USSR campaign.