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Welcome to the Blitzkrieg Map Shop
This is a Japanese fan site for the Blitzkrieg since January, 2004.
You can use contents of this site and can link to any pages freely if it is not used for business.
However, you must not upload the contents of this site to other sites without permission.

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2016 07/18   Some problems was fixed.
Some pages on this site had the problems. The images and download link of the following pages was fixed.
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The problems are still left on some pages.
Those will be restored sooner or later.
2016 06/25   An announcement
I have finished moving files on my OneDrive. Files left on my OneDrive are approximately 1.4GB.
I fell sick and was absent from activity for approximately one month from end of the May. I have not completely recovered yet, but am going to gradually start activity from now on.
2016 05/17   Some wrong links in Boltz'sMemo were fixed. These wrong links were found thanks to Quintaxel. Very thanks, Quintaxel.
(05/16) : A link to "How to remodeling units" was fixed.
Boltz's Memo
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Basic knowledge of LUA...
Tweak skin
About files for BK
Scripting Repair
Bits of knowledge
Bits of knowledge 2
For beginning the Bk
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Boltz's contents
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Message from the readers

About Nephilim's Blitzkrieg 2013 + Music   Post : 2014 09/04     This announcement was moved to the Nephilim's page.
Quintaxel's Announcement   Post : 2014 08/04   This was moved to the warehouse.
A quick review of "Hell's Gate" by Kakas   Post : 09 Oct, 2013.   This was moved to the "Boltz's Maps" page.
A message from Glenn Antonson   This was moved to the warehouse.

Sticky Information

Legacy of Blitzkrieg                 The list of contents of the "Legacy of Blitzkrieg"
Many of files which were in the Blitzkrieg-portal are posted here. You will be able to find Mods, Chapters, Campaigns, Single player maps, Tools, and more in there. Because Blitzkrieg-poratal has already stopped acting, a new file is not added.
But, the files found in except Blitzkrieg-poratal are posted on the Miscellaneous or Resource in the outside.

Complete Wargaming (Revived)            The list of contents of the "Complete Wargaming"
This is the pages that revived the digest of the site that Wespex had managed before.
The maps and Mods concerning Blitzkrieg and Blitzkrieg II are posted there.

Boltz's Memo
Early Boltz's Memo was the page which translated into English the tutorial for the Japanese BK fans.
After that, the summary of my friend's question and my reply was added to it. Some demonstration maps for explanation are contained in it.
Please be aware that these pages are not the tutorial. These are mere "memos" written in strange English.

This site has the contributed pages other than the "Legacy of Blitzkrieg". Most of those are newer than the files of BK-Portal.
The following is a summary of the contributed contents.

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This site gets permission and the approval using the image of Blitzkrieg as a
fan site from official site of Japanese Blitzkrieg. (http://blitzkrieg.zoo.co.jp/)

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