Blitzkrieg Map Shop

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This is a page of various things except the Units or Maps which Boltz made.

--- A list of Contents in this page ---

The game engines
Creating small tools
Small Resource Kit
B Mod_02
Patched Units
Blitzkrieg Units Icons
Blitzkrieg Source Files      
Map Paks for Blitzkrieg series
Burning Thunder Mod
Flamethrower kit
Dummy Mod
Chapters Tool Kit
Blitzkrieg Units Icons 2nd

In addition to this, there is a similar page in this Blitzkrieg Map Shop.
♥   Units that is not Mod yet : This is a page of the unit which Boltz remodelled.
♥   Units Colections : This is Boltz's collection of the units and the objects. 120 or more units are posted on there.

Last Update: 15 February. 2015.