The Battle !

Quarrel between a husband and a wife
"Narita Dochu Hizakurige" published in 1856
written by Kanagaki Robun and illustrated by Ichimatsusai Yoshimune

Quarrel between husband and wife has happened !
Neighbors break up the fight.
The husband has a beetle and the wife has a earthenware mortar. That is sexual humor. It's canned joke.

The landlord scolds the husband.
In Edo era among commons, the landlord seemed to be a father of house-renters.
And in this case (quarrel between husband and wife) the husband was always considerd wrong.

"Ninso Tenohira Roya San Mitoshi Sajiki" published in 1803
written and illustrated by Santo Kyoden

being found out his love affair

"Oni Kojima Homare no Adauchi" published in 1808
written by Shikitei Sanba and illustrated by Utagawa Toyokuni

case of murder

A daughter and a son got revenge on the man who killed their father.

Super woman
"Keisei Suikoden" published in 1828
written by Kyokutei Bakin and illustrated by Utagawa Kuniyasu

She captures the tiger.
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