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Registered Certification Body by MIC  


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 ●JRLC-LAB supports and services your certification for your company powerfully

 Japan Radio Law Certification Laboratory  Co., Ltd. (JRLC-LAB) was registered as “Registered Certification Body” under the Japanese Radio Law by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications. With this registration, JRLC-LAB has started our certification operation for certification of conformity with technical regulations (test certification) and certification for construction design of specified radio equipment (type certification) for specific radio equipment from July 2nd 2012. RCB number is 016.  Japan Radio law Certification expert, Certifier  Nobuhiko Kuribayashi supports smoothly the certification service of your company, and he fully supports it carefully gently. Moreover, in after checking conforming to Japan Radio Law requirements, a certification issuing service is carried out quickly.

Notes: Japan Radio law certification may be called TELEC certification using the name of the "registration certification Body" TELEC.

 ●Greeting message

 Since I have worked for long time in the design manufacturing companies of the inside and outside of Japan and was engaged in development of an information communications system and wireless equipments  about R&D, testing, measurement, maintenance, and support, I am in the position in which I can understand the environment where the applicant are working. Moreover, the problem that the applicant falls easily from many certifications experiences in the past can also be grasped wel from my side.  I would like to support kindly carefully earnestly in the applicant's position based on these experiences.  Moreover, I would like to male socila contribution through a Japan Radio Law certification service. work .

                                                                                                                                       Nobuhiko Kuribayashi

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