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Pictures of theYamato museum

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You can see many pictures of the Yamato museum.Pictures of the Yamato museum in 2005. 2006. 2007.2008.2008.5〜You can see many pictures of the Yamato museum.

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TheYamato museum
The Kure Naval Base was established in 1889 and the Kure Naval Shipyard was established in 1903. In prewar days, Kure city has
prospered as a town in a naval port where battleship "The Yamato"was built, and a town in the naval shipyard. In postwar days,
Kure city is prospering as a town of heavy industry and culture area. "The Yamato" was the largest battleship in the world. It was
built using the forefront of science and technology of those days in the Kure Naval Shipyard in December, 1941. However, "The
Yamato" was attacked by many enemy carrier-based aircrafts on the way to Okinawa in April 7th, 1945, and finally it sank.
Unfortunately, a lot of crew were killed.
Various "Science and Technology" and "History of Kure" are introduced in the Kure maritime affairs history science pavilion (The
nickname: Yamato museum) which is located in Takara-Machi Kure City Hiroshima Prefecture, bordering Hiroshima city. One tenth
scale model, battleship Yamato has been exhibited in the pavilion as a symbol of the Yamato museum. And a real torpedo "Kaiten
" controlled by young soldiers and a real fighter "Zero Sen" has been exhibited there. We can learn "History of Kure" and "
Importance of peace" from various exhibits. Moreover, the Yamato pier jutting out a long way to Kure Bay is located in the south of
the pavilion.
There is a huge place that imitates the full-scaled deck of battleship Yamato. We can see the Kure Port there. The view from the
Yamato pier is very wonderful!! Especially night view is very fantastic!!
Large sized photos→→Kure Yamato Now(blog)

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