Update on
Souvenir medallion

Unfortunately I was leaving Tokyo due to work relationship.
Therefore, I can not go to TDR,
and I can not update the homepage from June.

As far as I can know, about the medals that released after June,
The page of guide number is updated.

I apologize for any inconvenience but please do not hesitate to acknowledge it.

I made this homepage in order to arrange a medal personally.

78pieces of TDR 35th Happiest Celebration Medals
were released on April 10, 2018

********** NEWS **********

Monthly medal were released
TDL Penny Arcade
TDL Tomorrowland Terrace
TDS Nautilus Gifts


TDL Penny Arcade
15 designsEvent Linkage and Medal of the month
TDL Starcade
now not existClosed on 2007.11.14
TDL Tomorrowland Terrace
10 designs
Event Linkage and Medal of the month

TDL Stellar Sweets now not exist

TDL PlanetM now not exist
TDL Golden Galleon
3 designs

TDL Pirates Treasure
5 designs
TDL Pacific Export
now not exist
Closed on 2015.06.21
TDL Shootin' Gallery
now not exist
moved to Western Wear
TDL Western Wear 3 designs

TDL Gag Factory/
Toontown Five & Dime
3 designs

TDL Poor Corner 3 designs

TDL Home Store 3 designs
TDL Plaza Restaurant


TDL Plazma Ray's Diner
4 designsOpened on 2017.03.25

TDL Pan Galactic Pizza Port
4 designs

TDL Treasure Comet
3 designsOpened on 2015.03.20

TDL Adventureland Bazaar
5 designsRenewal open on 2015.12.17

TDS Galleria Disney
1 designMonthly medal
TDS Figaro's Clothiers
3 designs

TDS Steamboat Mickey's

Installed again on 2017.08.01
TDS Aunt Peg's Village Store
3 designs

TDS Nautilus Gifts
3 designs

TDS Il Postino Stationery
3 designs

TDS Expedition Photo Archives
3 designs

TDS Agrabah Marketplace
3 designsMoved to Steamboat Mickey's
TDS Mermaid Treassure
3 designs

TDS Romeo's Watches & Jewelry 2 designClosed on 2012.11.18

TDS Villa Donaldo Home Shop 3 designOpened on 2013.2.21

TDR Cast member shop 2 designs Started on 2011.10.01
Ended on 2012.03.31

Tokyo DisneySEA Hotel miracosta
6 designs

Disney Ambassador Hotel
6 designs

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
10 designs

Disney Celebration Hotel Wish 6 designsOpened on 2016.06.01

Disney Celebration Hotel Discover 6 designsOpened on 2016.09.10

TDR other Hotel 8 designs

Disney Resort Line
Resort gateway Station
Tokyo DisneyLand Station
Bayside Staion
Tokyo DisneySea Station

6 designs
6 designs
6 designs
6 designs

Bon Voyage 6 designs

Disney Store Japan
Tokyo Disney Resort

9 designs

  Mini file

30 designs
29 designs
13 designs

Calendar with medal 1designs

Please e-mail me if you have information about a medal.