The Grand-Luxually.
ここはGL思い出の杜。 A Forest of Memories, GL



21th Sep 2001, GLの杜 (GL Forest) by Kuhnyan
21th Mar 2005, GLの杜1 (GL Forest 1) from infoseek to geocities


GL400, GL500, GL700(GL650), GL1000, GL1100, GL1200, GL1500
CX400, CX500, CX650



The Grand-Luxually.
This is a forest of recollection about the GL.
This site was created from the earnest thought that I always
want to see those famous motorbike GL series slowly and
We feel one premonition that the information on the GL may
drift in a confused sea with the passage of time.
I want to arrange and keep the GL information, and hope that
it will be bequeathed in the future.
I desire that anyone can refer to the treasurable information
of the GL which is a historical legacy, on the Internet,
irrespective of under possession or inside of sale.
I ask everyone's understanding and cooperation, please.

21th Sep 2001, (GL Forest) by Kuhnyan Copyright reserved.
21th Mar 2005, (GL Forest 1) from infoseek to geocities

GL400, GL500, GL700(GL650), GL1000, GL1100, GL1200, GL1500
CX400, CX500, CX650

You don't reprint or divert the information (image files etc.)
on this site, it is under strict prohibition.

・I want to insert as much information as possible so I will
adjust the image size to about VGA (640*480) max and the
file capacity to about 40KB max respectively. Please note.
・The purpose of this site is not moneymaking, it is genuinely
reference or preservation only of the GL related information.
・You are welcome to link to this top page. Please use above
logo (A Forest of Memories GL) for that purpose.
Thank you very much.
GL400 body 車体GL400 doc 文献GL400 mini ミニチュアGL400 parts 部品 GL1000 body 車体GL1000 doc 文献GL1000 mini ミニチュアGL1000 parts 部品
GL500 body 車体GL500 doc 文献GL500 mini ミニチュアGL500 parts 部品 GL1100 body 車体GL1100 doc 文献GL1100 mini ミニチュアGL1100 parts 部品
GL700 body 車体GL700 doc 文献GL700 mini ミニチュアGL700 parts 部品 GL1200 body 車体GL1200 doc 文献GL1200 mini ミニチュアGL1200 parts 部品
CX400 body 車体CX400 doc 文献CX400 mini ミニチュアCX400 parts 部品 GL1500 body 車体GL1500 doc 文献GL1500 mini ミニチュアGL1500 parts 部品
CX500 body 車体CX500 doc 文献CX500 mini ミニチュアCX500 parts 部品
CX650 body 車体CX650 doc 文献CX650 mini ミニチュアCX650 parts 部品
other body  他 車体other doc  他 文献other mini  他 ミニチュアother parts  他 部品