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There are 117 temples in Koyasan. 52 among them offer accommodation.
Staying at a temple lodging makes your trip really special. Japanese gardens are well maintained.
Buddhist priests serve you Shojin ryori for dinner and breakfast. It is a healthy and tasty vegetarian cuisine. Overnight guests are welcome in the morning ritual ceremony.
Every temple has its own taste. Please check their website and get more information. Or contact Koyasan Syukubo Temple Lodging Cooperative and make a reservation.

TEL 0736-56-2616
FAX 0736-56-2889
600 Koyasan, Koya Town, Ito-gun, Wakayama Prefecture

Shukubo List

A  An-nyo-in D   I  Ichijo-in C   R  Renge-in C
D  Dai-en-in C   J  Jimyo-in D      Rengejo-in A
   Daimyoo-in D      Jizo-in C      Ryuko-in A
E  Eko-in D      Jochi-in D      Ryusen-in A
F  Fudo-in D      Jyofuku-in C   S  Saimon-in D
   Fugen-in C    Joju-in B      Sainan-in B
   Fukuchi-in A      Joki-in B      Saizen-in A
   Fumon-in C   K  Kitamuro-in D      Sanbo-in C
H  Haryo-in A      Kodai-in A      Sekisho-in C
   Henjoko-in C      Komyo-in D      Shakamon-in B
   Henjoson-in B      Kongo-sanmai-in D      Shin-no-in A
   Hojo-in A      Kumagaiji D      Shochi-in A
   Hoki-in B   M  Mitsugon-in D      Shojoshin-in C
   Hongaku-in C      Muryoko-in C      Soji-in A
   Hon-no-in C      Myoo-in A   T  Takamuro-in C
   Hoo-in B   N  Nishimuro-in A      Tentoku-in B
   Hozen-in C      Nan-in C   Y  Yochi-in B
                Z  Zofuku-in B


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