2013 KCCN EVENT (November 16th)
Speech in Japanese by foreigners

D My Treasure. What I cherish the most.   Pohl Marcus (Germany)

First of all, I have to thank you so much. When I left Koya-San I really was ashamed of all the good impressions you gave me just for so little amount of work I had to put in. I was overwhelmed of so much hospitality and I think, this is a main aspect of Japanese culture, because I got such experiences also from other Japanese people.
Regarding the content of the weekend it was just the best program you could have offered us. I was so impressed by the Japanese temples we stayed in and from the traditional cuisine which is along with the Kyoto Kaiseki perhaps one of the most important kind of cuisine in Kansai one should try.

The organization of the program was so fluent, everything transcended naturally into each other and without wasting time on the one side and without hurrying on the other side. I was surprised of how many activities you can put into one weekend and I thank you so much for the people you engaged to teach us like the Juzu-maker or the two teachers in the forest. I myself think that Koya-san is a place one must attend if visiting Kansai, because I think that the Shingon-lineage which dominates this place offers because of its esoteric methods with Mandalas, ritual instruments and many Buddhist figures probably one of the most interesting sensual appearances to foreigners than other Buddhist schools do. Therefore I hope many people will visit Koya-san in the future.

And even if not so much interested in Buddhism itself, the temple lodges in historical and traditional Japanese buildings with a history of hundreds of years can offer visitors an experience equal to those of other ancient ryokans which are less nowadays in Japan and replaced through more and more hotels. Therefore the temple lodging itself is a big treasure, which has to be preserved for the future.

Unfortunately I was a little sad, that just one third of the hall of the university was full. Because your organization want to establish an approach between Koya-san and the rest of the world I think there should come more people and especially more younger people also. I think this event has the potential to attract more visitors and I was really surprised that there were not more, especially because even the television was interested, the moderation was very professional and the whole guests and the musical performances were just amazing.

As I am studying art myself I know that proper and wide-spreading advertisement is always a question of money. Therefore I hope your organization will have the possibilities in the future to provide widespread advertisement with flyers also in Osaka and other Kansai regions, because this event was really something everyone should have the chance to visit. The promotion and advertising is really something one should consider very much, because no matter how excellent a program might be the advertising beforehand decides how much visitors it will be attract.
I think the program was excellent and I myself have no suggestions regarding the organisation itself, because like I said from my point of view it could not have been better or more interesting. Thus, I wish even more that this wonderful event will attract lots of people the next years and that other media like television and newspapers or magazines will not just report afterwards but also be interested and in touch with you before the speech forum, to provide widespread information for many different people in and around Kansai.

Of course that's just my opinion and impression and maybe you already have a network of contacts with public media and this year were perhaps just not so many people interested. But if it's not like that, I think involving more public media and communication outside Koya-san would make the event much more beneficial to others. Thanks again for this incredible weekend, I was so pleased I already plan my next visit.


Marcus Pohl

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