2013 KCCN EVENT (November 16th)
Speech in Japanese by foreigners

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What I cherish the most.
Aron Freidus (America)
I would first like to sincerely thank you and all the members of KCCN for the wonderful event on Saturday that you all clearly worked so hard to prepare.
I hope that myself and the other speakers were not too much of a burden.
Even though I live so close to Koya-san prior to this event I knew relatively little about its history.   I was able to learn so much from the two nights of temple stays and the various activities we participated in.
Perhaps my favorite activity was talking with members of KCCN during our shojin-ryori meals and getting to hear about their worldly experiences and opinions.

As for the event on Saturday, I was blown away by the other speakers and the musical performances.
I stood in disbelief when the three culturally different instruments were able to performer in a beautiful ensemble.
I will say that I was a bit taken aback by one of the audience member's question.
"What do you dislike about Japan," is not something I often get asked by Japanese people. It reminded me that no culture is perfect, and that if I was asked such a question about my own culture and country I would have many answers.

Again, thank you so much for this precious experience.
I will hold these memories closely to my heart.

Aaron Freidus

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