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 Mandokuyo-e (Candle Festival)

At night on August 13, the approaches to Okunoin and the lantern hall are decorated with numerous candle lights handed to visitors by local participants of boy scouts, girl scouts and sports teams.

It is called “Candle Festival”, a kind of Bon Festival.
Bon Festival is a Buddhist event occurring from the 13th to 16th of August to hold a memorial service to the spirits of ancestors.
The spirits of the dead are said to return at this time and fires are lit so the spirits do not lose their way, and lanterns are lit inside homes too. At home, the Buddhist family altars are tidied up and vegetables and fruit are set out as offerings.

In some places, Bon dancing is held to comfort the spirits.
Anyway, visitors can also think about their ancestors and offer candles along the path.
And whole area looks very mysterious and beautiful.

This year, the newspaper said about 30,000 people joined this candle festival.