Korea insists that "comfort woman was a woman brought forcibly by Japanese".

First of all, I want you to know following.
The outbreak number of perjury crime in Korea is Japanese 671 times (2000).


  Here is a picture one of comfort house (Brothels).
  Yes, it's true. Japan built such houses in everywhere.  
  But do you know why Japan build such houses? 

The answer is simple. Because comfort house was effective in preventing rapes to local persons and sexually transmitted diseases beforehand.
 Armed Forces of the United States imitated Japan at the time of Vietnam War and Iraqi War, and installed lots of comfort houses.
Of course lots of countries introduced this system at the present day
. South Korea also used this system at the Korean war.

Q: Women were forced into the comfort house by Japanese?

It is basically impossible.

 [Points for understanding]
1: Local people's private corporations did collection of comfort women. Therefore Japanese government did not need to kidnap.
2: Person in charge will arrest the corporations if they do illegal deeds such as kidnapping. (naturally)
3: The Japanese felt uneasy about disgraceful example occurrence in collection of comfort women. And tried the prevention.
4: The numbers of people beyond capacity always gathered even if they did not do compulsive taking.
5: The half of the comfort women were Japanese.
6: So-called comfort woman were a prostitute. Japanese use a condom when they sex with them.

 An opinion paper about the establishment of comfort house.
 You can understand that Japan thought about local order
 very important from this opinion .


These numbers are average salaries of those days. (from US Information Agency)

150-300 yen /month (comfort woman)  *There is an opinion to be 1000-2000 yens
15-25   yen /month (Japanese soldier)

One average house could be built for 1,000 yen in those days
This data shows how Japanese people were sensual... (No! How comfort women were rich).


 This is a gold. One comfort women accumulated in two years.
 Although the total amount was 26145 yen (Japanese most prominent leader's
  annual income was 6600 yen), if it changes to the present value,
 it will exceed 100 million yen (about 1.1 million US dollars) easily.
 I want to be a comfort woman even if I am a man !!!


 Korean propaganda picture that Japan doing compulsive taking. 
 There is nothing evidence that comfort woman was a compulsive taking
 by the present, and it is only Korean innumerable witnesses that there are.
 (though comfort houses were built any Asian country)
 I have to say Koreans are very good at acting.


What Korea did in the Vietnam War

In Vietnam, There seems to be more than 10,000-35,000 mixed-children whose actual father are Koreans.
Koreans violated and raped lots of local women in the Vietnam war. How many Vietnamese women ware raped?
It is said Koreans raped at least 100,000 women in Vietnam. If, as Koreans claim vociferously, Japanese soldiers had
raped so many Korean women in World War 2, there must be thousands of mixed race-kids (half-Japanese and half-Korean)
nowadays. But how many cases have came up so far? There are lots of discussions and rumors about Comfort Women in
Korea, however they almost never mention about mixed-children. How do they explain this inconsistency?
Also, rape was a death punishment. Because of Korean's sexual tyranny in the war, many Vietnamese women suffered
a lot and even had to give birth to the children of rapists. These kids are nowadays targets of discrimination and it’s a serious social problem.
Nonetheless, a commander of Korean force once declared, "Compensation for Vietnams are needless. It was a war".
They rejected to apologize and compensate for their genocidal killing of Vietnamese and their tyranny.
If Japan did the same, what do you think would happen? I guess you can imagine its consequence easily.


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