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Momijiyama garden
e Welcome@Party Miss.Suzuki Mr.Mel Bohn M.versavel
rakujyu-en y In@Mishima@Os
CHA-NO-SATO ̗ In@Kanaya-cho@J
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Oni-KAWARA Welcome to Mr.Watanabe Japanes Gurdens Sushi
|݁@Ə@TAKESHITA Const. co. Work Station
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Mt.fuji Ryusen-en@
Mishi-TaishaO Mishima taisha shrine

Welcome to my town in SHIZUOKA Mr. Spencer Crews@
The organization group which builds Shizuoka-Sunpu Gate in Omaha botanical garden of USA Neb.

Welcome I came to a visit , and, Mr.Spenncer Crews of Director Lauritzen Gardens, thank you for a Japanese garden of Kyoto or Shizuoka from USA Nebraska Omaha city .on October 9 2004. We of Omaha meeting organization look forward to it in that it is only a volunteer of Omaha city and can make Shizuoka-Sunpu Gate with in LauritzenGarden in memory of the 40th anniversary sister city tie-up of sister city Omaha city of Shizuoka-shi in September, 2005.
Include a carpenter, tile-roofing, landscape gardening, a building engineer, a worker, and a volunteer party from Japan is to dispatch around 30.I hope that a cultural exchange thrives more and more, and Omaha and Shizuoka can maintain a friendship taking advantage of this for a long time an end