The organization group which builds Shizuoka-Sunpu Gate in Omaha botanical garden of USA Neb.

Only Japanese
An organization group of any kind of person
I began it in any kind of idea
I have what on
Where do you make it to?
There is it where
I filtered it when and became a sister city
I began the fifth
he construction fund-raising
I go to make it when@@Schedule
I can participate everybody
You may contribute what
A cooperator
The carpenter volunteer recruitment
I will go to Omaha
The rules of a society
An organization role list
It hosted a meeting with Japan and Omaha.MAY.31.2005 The pre-test corps showed the photos of the Omaha city sending.june 25 2005 NEW
The donation activity APR.3.2005 The Sunpu gate dismantlement work Apr16.2005
Derecter Mr.Spencer visit to Japan@Oct.15.2004 Construction beginning Feb.23.2005
Local investigation in omaha@June@10-15@2004
only Japanese
A helper Mr. Cue only Japanese
Omaha actual place investigation report meeting@ only Japanese SEP.‚Q‚O‚O‚T@I will go to OMAHA
only Japanese
UP date JAN.31. 2006
Sunpu- gate of a palace plan
The latest planEEEA revision

Drawing Plan

A plan completion check is settled

A ceremony of consecration Mt.fuji Replica 1/3
A ceremony to engrave the name into a Oni-KAWARA Menbers Oni-KAWARA
An unveiling ceremony Mayor Kojima hearing explanation A helper Mr.Versavel
Omaha Botanical gardens Construction the destination A lodging of a visitor
  ŒfŽ¦”Β    BBS
@@@ˆκ”Κ @@•ε‹ΰŠJŽn

This meeting is the group which stood up so that Japan and the United States friendship combination volunteer party constructs forwarding, 1/3 replica Shizuoka-Sunpu Gate (east gate of a palace) for a hand and sweat of a citizen as the 40th anniversary sister city memory enterprise in a Japanese garden in a botanical garden in sister city U.S.A. Omaha Neb.

The last change drawing NEW mar.28.2005

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