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[Announcement of Int'l Conference]

Commemorative International Conference for 50th anniversary of Japan Association
(Second Asian Conference on African Studies)

"African Studies meet Asian Studies" 

Date & Time: 23rd May 2014(Fri), 13:00-18:00
Place: Large meeting Room (333) on the 3rd floor of Inamori Foundation Memorial Hall, Kyoto University
Language: English
Admission Free

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This year marks the 50th year since the foundation of the Japan Association for African Studies. Tireless scholarly activities and contributions by members since its establishment have positioned this association as a leading Japanese academic society for regional studies. After 50 years, the time has come for sharing with the rest of the world the achievements in African studies in Japan that our precursors have accumulated over the years. On the other hand, the need for African studies and factors related to studies continue to diversify and are becoming more globalized, amidst Asian economic development and an increase of its presence within the world community. Challenges for the future include assimilating the international changes in African studies as the source of energy in the development of African studies in Japan. Also, research activities in Africa will require more contributions in the future.
As 60 years have passed since the Bandung Conference, the relationship between Asia and Africa continues to change form while continuing to deepen. As one of the countries of Asia, we would like to take this delightful opportunity to celebrate the 50th year of JAAS. With the coming together of major Asian researchers on African studies and African scholars of Asian regional studies to share experiences in their respective streams of study, we commence this international conference in the hope of gaining common ground upon which we could base future cooperation for trans-continental research.

日時: 2014年5月23日(金) 13:00〜18:00
 場所: 京都大学稲盛記念館3F大会議室
 言語: 英語

[About AAN]

Asian Africanists Network project was launched in 2011 to establish Africanist researchers' network in Asian countries. At the present moment, AAN is neither association nor institution, but just "idea". However, this idea is welcomed and shared to accelerate & globalize African studies in Asian countries.


[Details on AAN activities]

Please see this presentation file <English version> <Japanese version>.   


[Objectives of AAN]

1. To activate academic communication among Asian Africanists researchers

2. To share research outputs & research network

3. To develop the academic market of African studies in Asian countries and create new job opportunities for younger researchers

4. To launch African studies outputs from Asia through academic conference and online journal

5. To connect AAN to world network and globalize African studies in Asia



Copyright c 2011 Asian Africanists Network,  All Rights Reserved.