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PRIMA is developed by Dr. R. A. Dilanian and Dr. F. Izumi as a MEM analysis program to calculate electron densities from X-ray diffraction data and nuclear densities from neutron diffraction data.

This site distributes a 64 bit version of PRIMA for AMD64 or EM64T platforms, with the permission from Dr. F. Izumi. It has a great advantage over 32 bit version that it can handle large data exceeding memory limitation of 32 bit operating system.

Installation guide:
  1. Uncompress the package.
  2. Set the environment variable PATH to include /where/you/installed/VENUS/bin directory,
    make a symbolic link of VENUS/bin/PRIMA to the directory where PATH points to.
  3. Set the environment variable PRIMA to point /where/you/installed/VENUS/bin/ directory.
    Please note that the last slash is required.
PRIMA will read space group information from spgra.dat and spgri.dat. These two files are searched from where environment variable PRIMA points to, or current working directory if environment variable is not set.
You should carefully read License agreement before download.

PRIMA for x86_64 Linux was compiled by Intel FORTRAN compiler ver. 9.0, tested on Fedora Core 4 and 5.
PRIMA for 32 bit x86 Linux is also distributed by Dr. Hiroshi Ohki of Shinshu University.