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Stand alone Java program to show RIETAN-2000's powder pattern out put files(*.pat).
You need Java > 1.4 and additional class library called SWT.

PowderPlot can display *.pat files and *.int files.
You can zoom patterns by dragging the plot area where you want to see. Double click to show whole pattern. On "move" mode, you can drag graph area.

Esc: cancel mouse drag
-: zoom out
+: zoom in
→(right): show low two theta area (move to right)
←(left): show high two theta area (move to left)
↑(up): show downward (move up)
↓(down): show upward (move down)
Shift + →(right): zoom in along two theta axis
Shift + ←(left): zoom out along two theta axis
Shift + ↑(up): zoom in along intensity axis
Shift + ↓(down): zoom out along intensity axis

Change log

♠ Windows XP

♣ Mac OS X

♦ GTK2