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  • Kaimeisi Reboot v0.3.4.9 - December 05, 2014 (GMT+09:00).

    This is a major maintenance release : Faster and stabler than ever...

    • Entirely re-written with Visual C++ and wxWidgets GUI Library.
      Enjoy better looks!


  wxWidgets Study Note

1 SynEdit 1.1 Component Help
Click the image to go to SynEdit 1.1 Help section

1 C++Builder Components
Component Version Size Original Author Language Target IDE Source
fixed improved
TXiButton (December 02)
1.12e - removed pre-compiled header warning with Math.hpp.(Just removing '#include "Math.hpp"' does it all in 1.12d) 7.8KB Eugene Genev C++ C++Builder Included
TComboBox97 1.10 5.86KB Favio E. Ugalde Corral C++ C++Builder Included
TScrollingCredits 1.2a 5.37KB Raoul Snyman C++ C++Builder Included

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