Today, we can make documents using word-processor at office, school, home in Japanese society. word-processor has some advantages, especially  easy to edit after input characters, and easy to layout some pictures in documents.

Now many typist need Kana-Kanji conversion using Romaji in Japanese society. But there are other various input-methods except for Kana-Kanji conversion.

TUT-CODE is a high-speed Japanese input method, and I explain some topics of TUT-CODE in this site.

Advantages of TUT-CODE are as follows.

1) high-speed
2) tireless

Of course the Kana-Kanji conversion is very convenient. But many typists have to type for long time as daily work, what do they feel everyday? I also used to type by the KANA-KANJI conversion before. but now I have ever been able to type smoothly more, since I had changed to TUT-CODE.

If beginners try to lesson with TUT-CODE, they will be able to  keep lesson easily running  parallel to own jobs.

Let's type with TUT-CODE. You will be super typist surely.








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