Lean On You

It's so hard to believe you cause I love you so much from my heart

Don't you think it is so miracle ? Give me the power of love to live day by day.

Sometimes I make you jealous and make you mad

The reason why is I just want to prove your love is true to me

*No matter how far,

When I hear your voice on the line, I can feel like you're holding me.

No matter where you are,  I'll always be your side

You're the only one and I can lean on you

I can't sleep on rainy nights. Someone may love you cause you're the one who I love.

Tell me please the things I did for you. Were they wrong or were they good enough for you ?

I tried to find the words you can't erase from your mind.

I just want to be the best for you in your life.

Time's passed so fast, can't follow the crowd, and losing our dreams.

There's nothing can change our memories in our hearts forever


You're the only one and I can lean on you