(Oct. 5, 2001 - Nov. 4, 2001)

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1st day

"Well, I'm glad you'll help me, Shiki.
You shall certainly take responsibility for killing me."


2nd day

"OK, Shiki! Let's come here again when all the missions are over.
Even if there is no sense in it, I'm sure it'll be so fun!"


3rd day

"May I ask you if you don't like to ...make love with a woman in glasses?"


4th day

1. I love you bare, Ciel.
2. Ciel, it's not like you to take off your glasses!

(Shiki's choice)

5th day

"See you tomorrow at school."


6th day

"W...wait,stop! You bonehead vampire!"


7th day

"No, I don't suck your blood---because I love you."


8th day

"I don't tell you that you should be a saint. You have only to be a man
you think it right to be. I'm sure you'll be a nice man in 10 years because
you are an honest boy enough to admit your bad act and enough to say you're
sorry when you did it."


9th day

"Now I'll teach you a lesson---this is the meaning of KILLING THINGS."


10th day

"To tell the truth, I wanna be alive. Yet, I can't bear any longer to be
nothing but alive."


11th day

"You said,'Thank you.' ...I don't wanna kill such a happy man...no,no..."


12th day

"And now, ...I feel a little warmer. Is this warmth yours?"


13th day

"Totally mistaken. What makes us heretics is isolation, and never can it be
a reason why they come to sympathize with each other."


14th day

...be killed.
...will be killed.
Surely, certainly, undoubtedly,
not by anything on earth,
not by anyone in the world without ME,
Nero Chaos will be killed.

(Shiki's monologue)

15th day

"The false words which cannot deceive even a speaker make us unpleasant."


16th day


I'd never experienced such a huge disgrace.
Nor had I suffered such an immense indignity.

--- And so, I feel cheery.

I can't imagine how good it feels to crash my fists of scorching fury
against his fresh body.

Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!
Step by step, or at one stroke, as kind as can be, with enchanting atrocity,
let his life be raped to the end.

Yes, surely yes.

Rip his limbs away, tear his ribs apart
Extract all his guts out of his red scars
Tread hard on his throat desperate to pray
Bite his eyes to pieces, cut his skull and brain
Grab it, mash it, slam it, till we can't see what it was
Spread it as the melting butter, taste it with his blood
Waiting for these moments and the time will soon come --- !

"One minute, I'll go and kill you at once......!"


17th day

"In other words for you fool, I'm asking you not to leave alone again such a
pretty sister like me."


18th day

"Is it not enough a reason that I am worrying about you?"


19th day

---Searching for a killer.

I don't think I will find it soon.
Many times I went through the dreams of which I couldn't easily find an ideal head of game.

(Shiki's monologue)

20th day

"You've been my dearest, one and only brother, long, long before. I can't regard anyone as my brother but you, nor can I love him except you, nor can I help myself without you...!"


21st day

"Well, may I take your room to you?"


22nd day

save me

(from ---'s diary)

23rd day


(Shiki's monologue)

24th day

"No, no. Such an injury won't be painful when we believe not. Believe that you've hurt a part of a doll, not a part of your body. Then, the sense of pain will dissapear, won't it?"


25th day

"I've let you ...kill me."
"That's been ...my biggest ...sin."


26th day

"Even though you can't believe anyone, you can believe ME! So, please listen to me at least now!"


27th day

"So..., I hoped to have been a doll... till the last."


28th day

Ah, I've finally realized -----

How fine it is tonight -----

What a beautiful moonlight -----

(Shiki's monologue)

29th day

-----Now, I shall go back to my daily life with a natural state of mind.
Then, I will wait for him, believing his return,
whenever it may be, however long I do-----.

(Akiha's monologue)

30th day

"Thank you, ma'am. I'm glad to have seen you very much."


31st day

"You're so tender, Shiki. It seems to be right that I came here to say good-bye to you.
Shiki. I love you --- a man of honesty, of absence, nagging nobody but me, and of positiveness.
So please, please be as you are, now and for ever. .....Bye-bye."


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