Kansai Queer Film Festival
The second summer.This time we'll touch your heart!

21th----25th July 2006
HEP Hall
(8th floor of the building with the ferris wheel on top, Umeda, Osaka)

+about the festival

+Head of 2006 Executive Committee

+2006 Programme new!!(5 July)
Details of the 2006 programme!

+Ticket Information (25 June)

+Seeking Staff
Currently seeking new volunteer staff
Anyone who wants to become involved can do so at any point, to whatever extent they are able.
First of all, please come along to a meeting.

+Staff Blog(Sorry,in Japanese)
Schedule of future meetings
We update the latest meeting schedule on the staff blog (in Japanese), so please check there.

The deadline has passed for this year's festival, but we would be happy consider submissions for next year's festival.


+2005 Programme

+Thoughts from 2005 staff



Contact address:

Kansai Queer Film Festival team c/o QWRC
408 Tokan Mansion Higashi Umeda
Nakazaki-cho 1-1-7, Kita-ku
Osaka 530-0015

Tel: +81 (0)70-5666-1125

E-mail:info-en@kansai-qff.org (English enquiries)
info@kansai-qff.org (general - Japanese)
sakuhin@kansai-qff.org (submissions - Japanese)