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The International Kamishibai Association of Japan (IKAJA)

Kamishibai is a part of Japan's unique cultural heritage that is moving forward into a new era. It is important now to create good kamishibai works which shall be performed by skilled performers, in order to enlarge the circle of the sharing of feelings (Kyokan) between audience, performers and among the people not only in Japan, but throughout the world. The aim of The International Kamishibai Association of Japan (IKAJA) is to foster communication throughout the world between people who are already enthusiasts, those express an interest in the subject and those who wish to perform kamishibai. It will simultaneously aim to promote the study of the subject from a cultural perspective, learning from each other and establishing kamishibai as a world-wide art.  (The words of introduction when IKAJA was founded)

What's New

World Kamishibai Day
December 7, 2018 will be the first World Kamishibai Day!
This is a day identified by IKAJA, which we have registered with the Japan Anniversary Association.

How about organizing some events on this day?
It doesn't matter if your event is for a small group, or even just for your own children.

It would be great if our entire global network could perform kamishibai on this special day!

We have opened a Facebook page, where you can share your World Kamishibai Day photos and info: icon World.Kamishibai.Day

December 7 is known as a day when Japan attacked the USA at Pearl Harbor. This is the precise reason we chose this day, hoping that war will disappear and we can instead make peace, through kamishibai.

Please join us!

Poster is available.
  English   German   French

IKAJA Kamishibai Seminar in Tokyo, 2018 closed
We are glad to inform you of IKAJA’s annual seminar in Japan in November 2018, themed “Let’s Perform Kamishibai, Study It Deeply, and Spread the Joy!” At this seminar we will consider how a logical process of introduction, development, turn and conclusion relates to kamishibai.

Dates: 17 November (Sat.) – 18 November (Sun.)
Place: Kichijoji Tokyu REI Hotel, Tokyo
Participation Fee: Domestic members: 4,000 Japanese yen (for two days)
International members living outside of Japan: Free
Leaflet:  , Activitieslink-icon
…Please contact
…FYI: Last Seminar: Seminar in Tokyolink-icon

Kamishibai Newsletter Vol.14 was issued NEW

Video message from Eiko Matsui ... included performance example
mini-booklet (approx. 10 min.)
Eiko Matsui talks about the culture of kamishibai and how kamishibai creates peace.
She also explains the unique format and the key features of kamishibai, which bring kyokan (shared feelings) to the audience and the performer, with assistance of the performance by Hina Nagase.

If you would like to know more about Kamishibai, please see "What's Kamishibai"link-icon

Mini-Booklet for Let's Perform Kamishibai
mini-booklet English, Slovenian, French, Spanish, and German version are available.
You can download this Mini-Booklet. Please see "How to Perform Kamishibai"link-icon


If you know more about the variety of kamishibai, please see "How to Perform Kamishibai"link-icon

Latest Global Activities

Ten steering committee members of IKAJA visited Slovenia from 9th to 14th May 2018. It was to participate in International Symposium held at Slovenian Theatre Institute (SLOGI) in Ljubljana. IKAJA also performed kamishibai for children at local cities in Slovenia.

For more detail, please see Activities/International Symposium in Ljubljanalink-icon

Update Information

NEW! 05,Dec,2018:Uploaded French-version poster of World Kamishibai Day (this page)
26,Sep,2018:Updated Home(This page), What's Kamishibai, How to Perform Kamishibai
27,Aug,2018:Kamishibai Newsletter Vol.14 was issued/"Newsletter"link-icon
01,Aug,2018:Uploaded mini-booklet(Spanish ver) "How to Perform Kamishibai"link-icon

A blog post by Avery Udagawa, who assisted with the Kamishibai Workshop
at the 3rd Asia Oceania Regional IBBY Congress in Bangkok, May 2017link-icon

20,May,2017:Homepage renewal


International Kamishibai Association of Japan (IKAJA)
Terakoya, 3-32-15-1F, Inokashira, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0001 Japan

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