The bases for the special attack force

Main aiirbases for the special attack force
  Young pilots of suicide missions departed from the airbase shown on the map above. They flew Southwest over Kaimon mountain. The Kaimon mountain is 922 meter (approximately 3000 feet) tall, and is also called Satsuma Fuji (geometrically symmetrical beautiful mountain like Mt. Fuji located in Satsuma region). Legend tells that pilots of suicide attack mission looked over their shoulders many times to see this most Southern mountain of Japanese mainland while in the air and said good-bye to the country they grew up in. Also some of the young pilots saluted the mountain.
The young pilots departed in May 27 1945

  There is an island called Kikaijima. This island is located East of Amami Oshima islands. The hill on the Kikaijima airport has beds of cornflower that bloom in early May. The island residents say that the pilots of suicide mission units dropped flowers from air when they departed for their final mission, and these flower seeds created the flower beds.  Passage quoted from "Kyou ware Ikiteari" (English translation by Mr.Nobu)